Monday, June 24, 2019

56" Loom for sale

Macomber 56” Loom for sale $3,000
The loom is a real work horse!
  • Model B4E Serial # 2498 built 1976
  • 56" weaving width  8 Harnesses
  • Two plain beams, warp separator 
  • Double brakes (right/left, front/back) (2 friction brakes, 2 ratchet brakes)
  • Beater handle
  • 4 - 56" Stainless Steel Reeds =  5, 12, 15, and 18 EPI 
  • Total value = $13,000.00
  • Priced at $3000 in York, Maine

This loom has been lovingly used for over 40 years by one weaver. It has been maintained and serviced regularly. 

The beater handle is great for an even beat.

Double beams and custom double brake system.

Friday, June 1, 2018

New chapter for old loom

Eddie helps downsize my 56"
     After much thought and consideration,  I had Eddie come to my studio to help me "downsize"my 56" 16 H Macomber. As some of you saw I tried to sell this amazing loom a couple of years ago. She did not sell.
      I thought ... "Why not convert her into the loom that will work for me now?" I no longer use multi-harnesses for complex weaves. I no longer need all 16H. I no longer need a compressed air or computer based system.
     So Eddie helped me strip her down to what will serve my needs. She is now an 8 H loom with no computer aided system. She still has the two beams and double brakes and still weaves 56". I am happy -- and I can feel this loom sighing.
My beloved 56" feel lighter, less encumbered now.
     She is covered with scars from all the different holes that have been drilled into her over the years. From the first Electronic Singe Pedal with a compressed air tank mounted on the side of her castle, to the Designer's Delight CAD system mounted on her upper castle and to the CAD/CAM Dobby Air System  -- she has carried me well through the 70s, 80s, 90s, and now 2000s.  Forty two years of weaving faithfully, consistently and diligently. And now she gets a new life - a little gentler, a little less complicated and a little weathered from all the years of hard work. 
 I suspect this loom and I have many parallels.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Letting Go - 16 H 56" air dobby Loom for sale

    To be fully alive in one's body, to be an active participant in this physical world requires one to let go and say good bye to objects, people and situations. 
    After much reflection I have decided to let go of my beloved 56" 16Harness air dobby Macomber Loom. I've had her since graduation from RISD (1976).

  • ~ Model B4E Serial # 2498 Built 1976
  • ~ 56 Weaving width, 16 Harnesses
  • ~ Two plain beams, warp separator
  • ~ Double brakes on cloth beam and upper warp beam (friction brake)
  • ~ Beater handle
  • ~ 4 - 56" reeds = 5, 12, 15, 18 EPI
  • Fully operational air dobby system = power supply, air system/solenoids, FiberWorks weaving software for Windows, Asus netbook included.
  • ~ 2 drafting lights
~ Leclerc 38" bench
~ Total Value = $13,817.00
~ Priced at $7, 500 in York, Maine
Double friction brake on upper beam

Air dobby system, double brakes on cloth beam

This loom has been lovingly used for over 40 years by one weaver. It has been maintained and serviced regularly. The air dobby system is highly desirable for this width loom - as the harnesses are constructed of solid steel and very heavy.

Please contact me for more information and any interest. THANK YOU!
sarah (at)sarahhaskell(dot)com

I am ever grateful for everyone's support of this blog and your purchase of my manual. And in case you are wondering --- I AM NOT QUITTING WEAVING!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

It's time.

Happy birthday age 2
     How did I get here?
    As a young person I did not give a thought to growing up or growing old. However, last week I signed up for Social Security and Medicare.
    I would say I got here with luck, good fortune, good genes and perseverance, discipline and commitment. Oh yes.......and the support of many beautiful people.

Winding a shuttle 1972
     I've been a sales rep for Macomber Looms for over 30 years (exclamation point here) and have woven on a Macomber Loom for over 45 years. I created this blog in 2009 as a way to help bring more visibility to the company as well as increase my sales. For the past year plus Macomber has had the capable Meredith on board.
     So it is time for me to bring this chapter to a close. I am NOT going to stop weaving and stitching - in fact I want more time to focus on my own work. I want to put more effort into my community art projects like "Well Used, Well Loved". Given that the numbers of hours per day is still only 24, I am letting go of certain aspects of my work load. One of those is this blog and my sales/service for Macomber Looms.
     If you are an old customer of mine - please feel free to call or email me - you've got my contact info. However you will notice I have removed that info from the blog. I will no longer be actively selling for them and no longer be assisting with loom problems. Please call the shop directly for this support - 207-363-2808.
At my loom 2015
It's been a wonderful run. Thank you ALL for your support, your orders and your purchase of the manual. YES- the manual will still be available on the blog as a purchase via PayPal. But I will not be doing any more updates.

You can still keep up with my work via my FB page - Sarah D. Haskell or my website

Happy weaving ~ and stay beautiful.
Love, Sarah

Monday, February 8, 2016

Twinkle toes

Foot rest on my 56" air dobby
The foot rest or foot rail or the B4 and B5 Macomber Looms has a very specific purpose. The treadles are hinged at the back of the loom - this is what gives the Macomber such good leverage and ease in lifting multiple harnesses for complex weaves. The foot rest allows you to leave your foot (when in the resting position) at the same height as your treadle. Then when you are ready to use that foot to engage with a treadle - you simply slide it towards the back of the loom and step down.

This photo is of my 56" which has the air dobby and thus the treadles are covered with a protective box. The other picture is of my 40" - a more typical foot rest set up.

There's an update on the treadle detecting device called TempoTreadle. Dawne has added many new features to the software and says she never will weave without it now! Check out her website and let her know if you are interested in giving one a trial.
40" with foot rest

Lastly - my newest community art project "Well Used, Well Loved" is fully launched. Eight hand-woven towels have traveled to households from London to Oregon. Kozo paper has traveled from Florida to Maine, to Texas and Washington, to North Carolina and New Hampshire. About 50 people are engaged in a compelling conversation about age and beauty. We have a close FB group for our discussions - but a public blog. Please check it out.

Happy weaving to all ~ Sarah

hand-woven towel getting well used and loved

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Weaving in a new community art project!

This week I launched a new community art project ~

Well Used, Well Loved

A community art project that explores age and beauty

Will you consider joining me in this reflection on age and beauty?

I am seeking 8 individuals or households to "adopt" a hand-woven linen towel to use for six months. You will be asked to record periodic reflections and observations in a small journal that will be provided. Each site will be invited to have a "kitchen table conversation" with me at least once during the time period.

At the end of the six months, I will collect the used towel, exchanging it for a new towel as a thank you for participating in the project.

The eight Well Used and Well Loved towels will be the centerpiece for an installation grounded in an exploration of aging and beauty.  The journals (or text from them) will also be a part of the final installation.

If you are interested I will ask you to sign a participation agreement. You will agree to use the towel, to communicate during the project's 6 months, to write in a journal, to return the towel at the end of six months.

Please visit the project blog and my website for more info.

Thank you!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

So clever!

Every now and then I have weavers share with me something that they have built to help with either weaving or warping their loom. This blog post will highlight two inventions that assist weavers to be more efficient warping alone and more accurate with  long treadling sequences.

The first adaptation is a device built by local weaver Dawne Wimbrowe and a colleague - she calls this device Tempo Treadle.  Here is a quote from her blog that helps explain what it does for weavers - "TempoTreadle is a very unique solution for hand weavers with traditional looms who want just a bit of technology to help make the weaving process more enjoyable, without fear of treadling mistakes.

Here is a link to Dawne's blog that will help explain it all! Please it check out!

The second adaptation called Trapeze Warping - is  especially for those who find warping long warps alone a challenge. I think this set-up has been around a while -  but it is new to me! Check out the above link to Weavolution for the discussion on this style of warping that uses weights and distance to create a steady tension for warping on your loom. There are also videos on UTube and books on this topic.

The trapeze set up here is on loom in Holliston, MA. The cool thing is that this trapeze was built from recycled parts - including the boom from a small sail boat!

Both of these adaptions might be beneficial for you and your weaving! Let me know what you think! Meanwhile in my own studio - I am back from my solo studio time at Hambidge. What an amazing experience - I think that subject warrants its own blog post!

Since I have been home I have been working on launching a new community art project called "Well Used, Well Loved" - a project that explores age and beauty via hand-woven dishtowels.
Eight dish towels ready to be used and loved.

More soon!