Monday, June 24, 2013

Name that part!

With the help of two generous weavers I finally have good images of  the loom with many parts labeled. Thanks to Sue Jensen and Morgan Clifford for assisting in this effort! These images are now part of my PDF Manual. And here they are for you too!
Enjoy ~ Sarah

CP from the front

CP side view
CP treadle detail

CP cloth beam brake system

B Model back view

B Model side view


  1. I just picked up a very used B model and will need to do a little restoration before I use it. How to I get a copy of your manual?

    1. Hi Jo - You can order it on the side bar - via PayPal. I see that you were successful at that!

  2. Many thanks, an inquiry direct to Macomber did not provide the necessary information, it just shows the value of blogs.

    many thanks, John