Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Look what I unearthed while looking for packing materials to ship some art work to a gallery!

This is a 3/4 yard sectional beam that I have hardly used. It was purchased in the 1980s for a specific project. It's time to sell it!

It has a friction brake, is 56" wide. A new one goes for $330 including the friction brake. I am happy to sell it for $200 plus shipping.

Email or call me, it can be yours!



  1. Sarah, I'm thrilled to have found a Macomber person! I have 2 Macombers, I bought the 16h 40" one used about 25 years ago and I LOVE it and it still works beautifully. I also have an 8 harness 56" to make rugs on. I've been reading about Texsolv heddles and was wondering if they would be good on these looms? You're welcome to visit my weaving blog and everything you see there was done on my faithful Macombers.

  2. Thanks Eva...for checking out the blog and dropping me a note. I will check out your website! I don't have experience with Texsolv heddles, but perhaps another reader does??


  3. Hi Sarah. I am the (almost) proud oner of a early 1960s 40 inch B5 "add a harness". It has 4 harnessess and I want to get 4 more, and it has one reed, and I want 2 more...I just saw it once and will not see it until the end ofDec wehn I pick it up. Is there an old owners manual that you can direct me to so I can read up on it before I actually have possession of my first floor loom? can I purchase items for this loom that I will the list above.
    Sooo excited to see your blog and have an actual sales rep to contact.

  4. Hello again!
    Been weaving a few years now with a Macomber B5 crank handle keeps fallung off. Any suggestions? Thanks

    1. Hi Brenda - Actually you are in good company. The crank handle is NOT supposed to stay on the beam when you are weaving -- it will keep falling off!! I put mine in the tool box on the castle or in my bench. Good luck - hope this helps!

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  6. Great idea! Thanks! Learn something new everyday!