Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's a beautiful sight

I just had to share this sight. The hand dyed double warp is all ready to thread. You might be interested in my set up. I keep the warps under tension by using cut up tube socks, and looping three inch sections under the harnesses and then slip them under the front beam. This trick makes it a breeze to thread this warp at 36 epi!

Don't you just love how the front of this loom drops to make threading so easy on the back?

My next step will be to raise the harnesses to make the heddles at eye level. I will post photos of the way I set up this as well as my quirky way I thread the reed.

I hope that these photos help you understand my set-up.
~ Sarah

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  1. Sarah, I just think your blog is wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I received a one yard sectional beam for my 4 shaft 48 inch B4 Macomber about a year ago. I took the plain beam off and installed the sectional. I use a AVL warping wheel for threading. That required a learning curve, too! However, now that I have a sectional beam I have almost stopped weaving because each warp I have put on gets hopelessly tangled when I try to lift it over the back beam for threading. I use two sturdy sticks that have velcro attached to each side, put the threads between the sticks and velcro them tight by securing the ends with rubber bands. When I release the brake to be able to lift the threads over the back beam they get all caught up in the metal sectional rods on the underside of the beam. This last warp was a fifteen yard warp, 44 inches wide, 30 epi unmercerized cotton. I still need therapy to get over that experience. I finally cut it off and tossed it in the trash! Any advice/help you could give would be greatly appreciated because I am reluctant to give it another go if it means having the same experience!