Friday, July 17, 2009

Blog on vacation ! last! I will be away for three weeks from July 18 through August 9th. I will have sporadic email during this time. The first week I will be with dear women friends on a 200 acre private island off the coast of Brunswick, ME. I plan to draw, read, sleep, swim and eat. The second week I will be taking a graduate course out in Oakland CA, working towards my Masters in Art and Healing from Wisdom University. And the third week I will be sailing in Penobscot Bay Maine.

There might be small smidgens of time for me to respond to emails. But most queries will have to wait until I return.

Hooray for summer!! I hope that each of you find a time to rejuvenate your creative energy, to feed your spirit and to play in nature. Summer here in Maine is SO brief that I find it important to seize the moment.

Here are some photos of my current work in progress. You can see how I thread the reed. It looks like the reed is bending, but trust me it is fine in this position for short periods of threading.
These skeins of dyed weft await my return.

Keep weaving, and stay curious. I am always happy to listen and help.
Peace, Sarah


  1. Have a nice time, Sarah. It all looks and sounds wonderful...certainly feeding your spirit. Hope you blog about it when you return. Thanks for your warping photos...will try it on next warp. Peace

  2. Thanks Carol. I will be taking photos and will certainly bring home stories. Thanks for your support and interest.

  3. I'm thrilled to find this blog. After years of longing I finally own a Macomber and need instruction - so glad you are here.
    Hope your vacation is glorious and I look forward to many happy blogs in the future!