Monday, August 24, 2009

Tensioner and thread guide

I have had several requests for more information and images of this piece of equipment. So I decided to take a spontaneous quick trip over to the shop. Eddie set up a tensioner and thread guide on a loom for a photo shoot. What a great guy!!

I also have scanned a copy of the set up directions for the tensioner/thread guide.

I hope this helps those of you that are sectional warpers!



  1. Thanks, Sarah. This is great. Your whole blog is great and I have linked to it from my blog, "Twisp of Fate". I recently bought a 55 year old Macomber loom, B5-1046. It was originally sold to a nun at a seminary in Oregon. We have been working on restoring it and that is chronicled in my most recent posts.

  2. Looking at the picture of the tension box set up, I realized that I make repeated crosses between the pegs on my tension box. Is there an advantage to doing one or the other?