Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From tidal wave to charting a new course

Me and Wes on our trans-Atlantic crossing
As a sailor, I know that one can set a course, navigate to the best of one's ability and still not make your destination. As in real life there are many influences to throw one off course. The course I set back in July, on my last blog post, was to take three months off to conclude "Woven Voices: Messages from the Heart" , to evaluate my relationship with Macomber Looms and to complete my thesis for my Masters of Art and Healing. It seems that the universe had other plans for my three month sabbatical. On August 18th, my dear brother Weston was tragically killed at a constructions site in Searsport, ME. Needless to say this event altered my intended course in an unexpected and new direction. You can read how this event affected Woven Voices by checking out the project blog. As far as my thesis, well, I have had little to no progress. For much of the past three months, I have felt like I have been submerged by a tidal wave. If any of you have had a sudden and tragic loss such as this, you know that it feels hard to breath, you feel disoriented and turned around.
Fall colors
The good news is, that I am emerging. Slowly and surely each day, I make motions to move forward with intention, love and purpose. Thanks to everyone who has reached out during this difficult time with kind words of support.

As far as my relationship with Macomber, I am returning to sell parts for looms. However there is one change, all reed and heddle orders will directly go through me, payment via PayPal or check. Prices for these items will remain as listed in the price list.

Now for the REALLY GOOD NEWS....drum roll angel has stepped forward to help create the long over due Macomber Looms and Me blog/manual!! Sue Jensen is my angel. She reached out to me about a month ago and has compiled all the blog posts into one document, including photos and any comments/questions. I will be posting this PDF soon, available for a small fee. Thanks Sue!!

So that is it for now. Thanks again to everyone for reaching out and for your continued support of my efforts on this blog. I look forward to hearing from everyone.

I know that over these three months, the process of weaving has kept me from going way off course. I hope that for each of you, the time you spend with threads brings a quality of peace, grace and hope to your days.


  1. Sarah, I am so sorry to hear about the sudden death of your brother.

  2. Sarah I am so saddened by the tragically sudden loss of your brother. I have three ornery brothers of my own and cannot imagine the grief you must be experiencing. You are in my heart.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. My middle child was killed in a car accident 3 years ago along with her boyfriend (his twin brother walked away with minor injuries), so I know first hand how difficult that journey can be.

    Best wishes for continued healing!

  4. Thank you for sharing with us. We are all on this journey together and I appreciate your candor in both personal and weaverly matters. Be well.

  5. You are welcome Sarah! It was a pleasure to put together all the info that you shared on your blog. Now we will all have one place to go for a lot of info.

  6. For those that are interested in participating in the Woven Voices project from afar, I will be posting directions for weaving and guiding the project on your own. Stay tuned. I'll put a link on this blog too!

  7. Sarah, I am so sorry for your loss.