Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"I never thought it could be so fun"

The thank you letter
I've been spring cleaning, and I mean a massive studio cleanse. I have been heaving out piles of yarn, drawings, layouts for tapestries, mat board, slides, assorted weaving materials, notebooks and computer parts. Amidst all these cast offs, I unearth at least one treasure a day. Yesterday, I found a folder full of letters from a school where I had been an artist in residence. This letter is a real favorite part reads: "I never thought it (weaving) could be so fun. I thought it was only a old lady woman thing. Thank you for teching us to weve."
samplers from over 25 years ago
samplers from at least 20 years ago
Well, there you have it. "An old lady woman thing". Stereotypes abound, but never mind, even if I am getting older and I am a woman, weaving (or rather weveing) still fills my day, lifts my spirits and challenges my brain.

sampler from over 30 years ago
Among the stuff I sorted through yesterday, I found decades of samplers. Now as a weaving instructor I am always in favor of sampling a weave structure and the materials before launching into a full blown project. But Good Lord, now I have decades of samplers filling boxes, baskets and bins. I always advocate to my students to never throw these out. I still believe that as these are a record of your research, your successes and your failures. There might be a few here and there to toss, but for the most part, roll them back up and store them as you would any good resource materials.

part of a bed covering that I never completed, 35 yrs old
As someone who has been weaving for over 40 years, there is much to review in these bins stored up high in my studio loft. Each bin reveals memories, treasures and yes...trash! Or perhaps something to pass along to other weavers.

Things at the Macomber shop proceed along. Thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts about Rick and the Macomber family. Thanks to everyone for ordering your looms and parts from me. Although it is possible to call the shop directly and do the same, I believe that I offer a weaver's wisdom and knowledge, at no extra cost to you. So I want you to know I truly appreciate your business.

Speaking of business, I have a new one! I am now an official sales person for Gowdey Reed. I have started a blog just like this one where you can learn about reeds and heddles. Check out my new blog ~ Gowdey Reed, heddles and handweaving.

I promise that in my next post, I put up some more tips about our beloved Macomber Looms.

Thanks again to all ~ Sarah


  1. Oh Sarah, the note is too precious. It made me laugh so hard, I couldn't see straight! Congrats on Gowdy reed, I have looked at their site in the past, I'm going to need to order my 24 DPI for the linen project at some point, Sarah, save me from myself!

  2. love jim over at gowdy reed! all my reeds have come from him :)great letter too:) im a school bus driver and i have a few treasures like that as well. my fav is a drawing by a 2nd grade boy of me driving a burning bus over a cliff :) good luck with gowdy reed and your spring cleaning!

  3. Good luck with the new business. May you live long and prosper.

  4. Well as an official old lady woman, I'm thrilled that the weveing thing has become a part of my life, and in great part thanks to you! Now that you are also an official reed (rede?) woman, we'll have to start talking those, too! Great post, wonderful memories!

  5. My grandmother was a Weaver (I have to capitalize it. She did things like the fabric for my grandfather's suits, draperies, etc). When she passed she had willed her looms to one of my cousins, who was already a weaver also. I got her books, and the greatest treasure of all - her records. Everything she ever wove had a record sheet that listed materials, pattern, the amount woven and what it was for, as well as a sample. It is irreplaceable. Looms I can buy.

  6. Notes from children are almost always from the heart...that is what makes them so special. My reeds for my Baby Mac arrived promptly. Gowdey makes an excellent product! Good luck and many thanks for your help.