Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's official! New price list!

The folks at Macomber Looms have just released a new price list with a 10% raise in loom prices as well as some loom parts. It's been 8 years since the last price hike, so I suspect no one will complain! I have embedded the price list here as well as put it on the side bar as a larger file.

Thanks to everyone for all you business, your kind words about my blog and most of all for your companionship in this weaving world!

Eddie and Linda Hart will be attending Convergence out in Long Beach this coming week. Macomber Looms will have a vendor booth after years of being absent. I suspect that many weavers will be quite happy to see these looms in person and to meet the famous Eddie! Please be sure to use my name if you order a loom and let me know!

As noted in my previous blog posting, I was away all last week teaching at a campground in Searsport ME. At the end of the week, I visited the accident site where my dear brother Weston was killed last August. The prayer flags that have been hanging just shy of a year are beautifully weathered by the sun, wind, rain and snow.

Happy weaving to each of you. May the warp and weft of your days reveal life's truths to you. Namaste ~ Sarah
Prayer flags


  1. Thanks! These are still very affordable. I'm saving up for my Baby Mac and will be ordering soon! Rose

    1. Thanks Rose. I agree, these looms are still quite affordable and well built! I truly appreciate all the support from the weaving community!

  2. Is there a way to weave off all the left over warp when the end of the warp reaches the back beam? There is about 26 inches of warp that gets wasted every time I end a project... Thanks. Rebecca. Oh I have a 40 inch b5 loom

    1. Rebecca:

      Yeah, for us frugal folks all that wasted warp is a tough thing to witness. But it is a fact of weaving. Part of your formula for calculating warp length must include about 30" - 36" loom waste. No way around it. But now you have a great collection of thrums (small bits) to use for tying a variety of things. I use mine to tie warps before chaining.