Sunday, October 11, 2009

Loom for sale !

48" Ad-A-Harness Macomber Type B folding Large Mac made from Hand Selected Kiln dried Hard Maple. 8 Harnesses in a 16 harness frame ~ can add up to 8 more Harnesses

1 yard sectional warp beam, friction brake, warp separator, bench, all stainless heddles, and 2 extra stainless steel reeds

Price for new similar equipment is $4441.

Asking $3200. The buyer will need to arrange for shipping or pick up.
Tracy Mannikko
730 Claremore Drive
West Palm Beach , FL 33401
561-653-0108 home/office
561-676-2259 cell (back up only)


  1. I have been following your blog and Macomber loom reviews closely. Thanks for doing this. I have a CP 24" 8 shaft and I love it.
    Could you please review the benches? I see in the catalog there is a bench that fits my loom. If possible I would like pictures.

  2. Laritza:

    Great idea, I will take some images of the benches next visit to the shop. I don't have one, since I use a custom built sliding seat bench for my 56". Stay tuned!

  3. I don't comment much, but am so happy to see your blog. I have a Macomber Loom purchased from the nephew of a Master Weaver who ended up in a nursing home. I have been weaving for almost 20 years now and have a lot of questions about the loom and weaving..but I do keep plugging along with my weaving. I keep checking in too.

    My loom has 8 harnesses but I can only seem to figure out how to use that stupid of me or what? One of these days I would like to take another weaving class, I have so much to learn....

  4. Kathy B~
    Thanks for your post. I have been weaving for 40 years...(holy smokes!). And right now I love and prefer the simple plain weave patterns. I have a 16H loom and usually use only 8 harnesses to weave a simple cloth, that could be done on 3H. So no worries.... do what you love.


  5. Kathy,
    I have the opportunity to purchase a Macomber 18" or 20" folding ad-a-harness loom with 8 harnesses. I was told it includes a tray, from the picture I saw it looks to be attached to castle over the harnesses. I am not familiar with the Macomber and am having trouble finding info on them. Can you help direct me to info.
    Debbie in WV

  6. This blog is the BEST resource that you will find on the Internet. The other option is to find weavers who own a Macomber. Happy weaving!