Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Testimonials

More fine words from your colleagues out there in weaver's world.

"Just back from a workshop in NJ. It re-enforced my love affair with
my Macomber looms. I took my very portable 20" four shaft Macomber. I worked on Baby Wolfe, Schact, Dorsett, and table looms I refuse to mention.

Nothing worked as well as the 30 year old Macomber even with a frayed break cord which I will now replace. "
~~ Shuttle Song in MA

And because I cannot make a post without an image, here's one from last spring of work in progress.



  1. I have just now discovered this blog! I have two Macombers and am silly, crazy-happy with them. I'm currently house sitting, and have only my Mirrix tapestry loom with me, and I find that I now "miss" my floor looms. :)
    I have a 48" 12 shaft, 18 treadle with double back beams...and I also have the small fold up 24" 8 shaft, 10 treadle loom that was made in the year I was born! (1961)
    My small loom has seen great amounts of yardage, and some of my nicest work, but "Harry" my big guy, is just begging to become the best rug-loom in town. (that's my next project with him) I feel a little silly about all of this, but I have a special bond with these two looms.
    I'm happy to have found this blog. Suzy

  2. Suzy:

    Welcome to this place to rave, query and explore all things Macomber. We are fanactics, aren't we? Thanks for joining in! Happy weaving! Sarah