Monday, February 9, 2015

Cloth vs String Aprons

You say "tomahhh -to" I say " tomayyy -to" ......
Yes it is really a matter of choice in my opinion. Many weavers swear by cloth aprons - saying that it gives them better over all tension, a more solid foundation and feels more secure.

I say great! But... I have woven with string aprons for years and believe that good tension is for the most part from a balanced beaming on of your warp.

However - when you have to install a new apron on a used loom - it is FAR easier to simply staple on the new cloth apron - which comes with two new steel rods than to install the new apron strings.

String apron on warp beam. Back to front warping with additional rod.

Apron strings on cloth beam.

I wrote a blog post about installing new apron strings - quite a few photos to help those who want to tackle this job. As with many renovations on older looms - some folks buy replacement parts direct from the Macomber shop and some folks prefer to fabricate their own. I won't discourage you from attempting this - but it is not a big investment to purchase the hand sewn cloth apron - basically it is a few $$ more than the width of your loom. IE. a 48" cloth apron is $53.
The string apron repair kit is a mere $25 with enough string and tacks to repair 3 beams. But as I mentioned a bit more work.
Here are a few photos to help illustrate the difference between cloth and string aprons. I'd love to have other weavers weigh in here! What do you prefer? Does your opinion have to do with who taught you??
Send me photos if you have them of your installation process! Happy weaving!
~~ Sarah

Eddie demos installing new string apron.
Happy new loom owner with cloth aprons!
Home made apron on warp beam.

Cloth apron on cloth beam.


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  1. What about texsolve? My old apron strings are slowly breaking and I have been toying with going the texsolve route....