Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Lamm depressor

Last in my series of installation of new parts - putting on a new lamm depressor.This part is a real life saver (back-saver!) when you are doing tie ups on more than 4 harnesses. It's not a hard job but does require some simple tools and time. 
Lamm depressor installation instructions
It is important where the unit is installed for it to work properly. Please refer to the instructions and use my notes and photos as additional support and info.Click on any photo, drawing or instructions to enlarge them.

Installation diagram

First mark where to drill hole for screwing in to the cross pieces.The pre-drill holes to allow for easy screwing into the cross piece. The lamm depressor needs to be set at a specific height in order for it to work correctly.
Pre-drill holes for screwing int lamm depressor.
The height of the depressor is critical to its function.

Properly installed depressor.

Lamm depressor in use.

Lamm depressor engaged with the lamm upper view.
My studio- after Juno blew through town. 25" snow. More coming!


  1. Where can I get this? Cost?

    1. You can order this thru me. Email
      me. $60. Email address is on right index bar.