Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Second plain beam installation

Instructions from the shop.
Here's the installation process of the second plain beam on my 40" B5 Macomber loom. These instructions are from the shop - and what follows are my notes and photos.

Move the ratchet brake plain beam to the lower position.
First move the upper beam with the ratchet brake system to the lower position on the outside of the uprights. Along with the beam comes the anti-backlash cord and the whole ratchet brake system. Move the dog and springs for the ratchet system off the block and to the inside of the upright. These photos will help.
Move the anti-backlash cord to the lower position.
The dog is dangling, waiting to be moved inside the upright.

Dog and springs on inside of upright lower position.
Steel lever installed for the friction brake for the upper beam.
Large screw eye installed above brake drum in back beam.
Next install the new plain beam in the upper position on the inside. Refer to the diagram above. Install the steel lever on the inside of the castle.

Drill a hole and then screw the large screw eye in the back beam directly above the brake drum.Thread the brake wire/cable through the eye and tighten the clamp around two parts of the wire to secure it.

Wrap the wire 2 times around the drum and then down to the brake lever and through the screw eye. Attach the second clamp and tighten it down. I find I can get the best tension if I slightly bring the back beam forward, then pull the cable tightly. Secure the clamp and then bring the beam back into position. This process will loosen the tension slightly on the brake and allow you to pull on the wire and make the friction brake have holding tension.

Put a screw eye in the front brake pedal and attach the ratchet brake chain to it, adjusting the chaine length as needed.  You want the brake pedal to release the upper beam (friction brake) first, and then the lower beam (ratchet brake).

Again, refer to the above instructions from the shop. My notes and photos are merely meant as a supplement and support. Happy double beam weaving!
Pre-drill holes for the screw eye for the friction brake springs.

Completed double brake system.

Chain attached to screw eye on front brake release pedal.

Another view of the brake system.
Wrap wire cable 2X around the drum.

Anti-back lashed installed on lower beam.

Another view of anti-back-lash cord.


  1. I would appreciate more information about the anti backlash cord on the lower beam. I have that arrangement, and the cord often slips between the beam and the loom upright while weaving with the double beam.

    1. Hi Valerie ~ I wonder if you can send me images of how your is installed? I might be able to trouble shoot and see if it is misaligned. I just added two images to this post to help illustrate how to install it. Hope this helps.