Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog!!

There are many reasons to celebrate this week! First of all we celebrate the one year birthday of the "Macomber Looms and Me" blog.   

Happy Birthday!! Thanks to everyone for your kind words of support. I celebrate with you the power of community and the sharing of ideas/information to help us all be better weavers and better human beings!

And another celebration is due...I cut off the "Tree of Life" commission from my loom. The cutting off of any weaving is always a bit nerve wracking, nervous tension as well as anticipation and excitement. There is still a fair amount of embroidery and finishing to do, but here it is in the raw.

And finally here is a photo of a part some folks ask me about ~ the warp separator for double weaving. This part keeps your two warps from riding over each other and causing problems as you advance one warp and not the other.
Happy Weaving....and another reason to is officially spring!

Happy Spring!!


  1. The warp separator can also be placed on the front beam to keep you from rubbing against the cloth.

    Nice work on the tree!


  2. Happy blog birthday!!!

    The tree of life piece is beautiful!


  3. So that is what that mystery bar is for, now I just need to learn how to make a double warp. Would that enable me to make wider pieces of cloth or weavings?

  4. Yes Kathy...a double warp can be for double width, or multiple layered cloth. Happy weaving!