Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New tricks for an old-ish weaver!

OK...I'll admit it, well, not my age...but the fact that I have been weaving for over 40 years...can this be true??  And for over 30 of those years I have woven on Macomber Looms. Well, this week I learned a new trick for my loom! (By the way my loom is 35 years old!)

Fellow weaver Morgan Clifford sent these pics to me. I will give her credit for this wonderful technique of safely viewing your work in progress. As you can see in the photos, simply unhitch the front breast beam by lifting the side arms up. Then release the dog/ratchet system, and unroll your work for a preview. Let the weight of the breast beam roll the work out with even tension.

When you are done admiring your beautiful work, use the cloth advance handle to crank up the work. Let the weight of the breast beam create the tension you need to rewind the work in progress to a healthy tension.

Such a brilliant and beautiful idea! Thanks Morgan! Thanks Christy (the weaver in the photos) for sharing your beautiful rug in-process!

Happy weaving from Maine where the crocuses are getting plump and ready to pop open!


  1. What a nifty idea! I wish I had thought of that! Thank you for posting the idea, Sarah and many thanks to Morgan and Christy for sharing this absolutely great way of viewing your work!

  2. Thanks Sarah for posting these.
    I hope they help. Macs are the only looms, I think, that have this ability and it's a godsend. Can't live without it.
    Morgan Clifford

  3. What a great idea! Also, it's really nice to see a younger person weaving and keeping the art alive. Thanks, Morgan and Christy!

  4. That IS a cool tip! In Virginia the crocuses are up and the daffodils are right behind them....hard to believe after our 50 in of snow!

  5. Wow, nifty tip! Thanks for sharing Sarah & thank you Morgan!
    Al in Seattle