Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CP brakes and a TLC gallery

Oh you wonderful weavers! Thank you for all the great images of your looms that have been lovingly restored. I will post a few here for viewing pleasure and perhaps a bit of inspiration for those of us who are contemplating a TLC effort!

Plus here is an extra bonus, a photo of the CP sectional friction brake system, as requested by a fellow weaver. Enjoy!! And happy weaving! 
A CP in California that has been restored.
Gertie, the lovingly restored vintage 1950s loom in upstate NY.

I will post more images soon. I also have a few images of adaptations that weavers have made to their looms. So stay tuned. Meanwhile...happy weaving!


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  1. Just read your post about ergonomics, and it is very relevant for me right now.....I am dutifully going to the chiropractor this week, after a few days weaving placemats. I think the loom I was using, in conjunction with the bench I was using, found me hunching over the loom. Now I am paying for it.
    I still haven't received payment for a loom I ordered for a customer from Macomber last July. What's up with those guys?