Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mystery part number one

My weaver friend Al out in Seattle sent me a photo of this part.

And here it is on my loom. This part is the cloth beam advance handle. When not in use it hangs freely from the cloth beam , between the ratchet and the right hand support for the cloth beam. When you want to advance the cloth beam, you push it into the ratchet and lift up, engaging the teeth of the ratchet with the handle.


Hope this solves the mystery Al!


  1. Sarah, what would we ever do without you !

  2. Sarah, I was looking at the treadles and harness raising systems that the macomber uses, and I kept saying " that looks like my loom!" I had no idea that I might have purchased a macomber! No marking of any kind, but I can see where a small metal plate may have gone.
    The loom is about 5 ft tall, wide and long, 8 harness with the option of a swinging beater. (not sure how to work out the adjustments for that.)I don't think the beater is original.
    Do you know where I can find pictures, of old Macomber Looms?

  3. I had my loom for a year before I discovered where this part went! I was advancing the cloth beam manually and wishing there was a lever or handle of some sort - then saw a friend's new Mac and had an AHA! moment. Rushed to the box of miscellaneous parts and there it was!

  4. Hi Tina:

    Actually all Macombers are basically the same style and design since they were first made in the 1930s. I just posted some images of a vintage 1950s loom on the blog "CP brakes and TLC gallery". If you need any parts let me know. Too bad the plate is missing, we could uncover the birthday of your loom if we had that! Send me photos if you like.