Monday, September 21, 2009

Brakes and cranks

The crank handle on the Macomber Loom fits over the squared off solid cast iron ends of both front and back beams. There might be a tad bit of "play" between the beam end and the inside of the crank. It does not stay on the loom while you are weaving. It is a removable tool that you take on and off when you need to use it.

Hope this helps those curious minds!

Happy weaving, Sarah


  1. I really appreciate these photos of various parts of the loom. In 2007 I bought my first Macomber loom, the loom I have always longed for. It was used, and I seem to have woven a few things on it, but...I am not sure about how to do tie up, and if the brake is set up correctly, etc., etc. All of this is VERY helpful, so keep it coming!

  2. Jane:

    Feel free to send me photos of anything that you are not sure that you have set up correctly. I am happy to take a look! Sarah

  3. Explains why my crank falls off all the time *facepalm* Thanks for all of your helpful photos and explainations.

  4. which way do I wind on the warp? Counterclockwise?

    1. Hi Ruby,
      When facing the crank at the side of the loom you will crank clockwise. Look at some photos of warps on the loom. Be sure the warp goes over the back beam. Does this help?