Monday, September 28, 2009

An open and shut case

Happy fall, weavers!

Here are some photos of the CP (portable loom) in both the open and folded positions. This is my 24" 8H with double back beams.

If you have one of the great small looms....PLEASE remember to unhook the treadles BEFORE you fold it up. If you leave the tie-up hooks on the treadles, you will bend them. The loom is meant to be folded up without the tie-up hooks in place.

Happy weaving everyone!



  1. Ahhhh, I did not know that. But mine is old and new to me and came with texsolve tieups. I am considering ordering the original metal ones....

  2. I truly am enjoying your site so I am wondering if you have an answer for me. I have a 24" Dorsett that I use to take classes & I need some 9" Heddles with extra large holes for chenille weaving. Where can I get these & are they real expensive? I also have the large 8 harness gilmore & my trusty little Dorothy that I am presently using for Navajo sampling. I am also rather pressed for time which doesn't help my problem.


  3. Hi happy weaver:

    Yes, I can get 9" heddles for you. The only ones available now are large eye. My only concern is that the heddle bars on your Dorset are comapatible with the heddles we use on the CP Macomber.