Sunday, September 20, 2009

Brakes and storage box

Greetings weavers!

I have had several requests for images of particular parts of the Macomber looms. Because many curious minds want to see these images, I will post them here for all to see.

First of all is the storage box that fits snugly on the castle of the portable. This storage box was recently made by Eddie to fit on my 40 year old CP.

Next is a photo of the front brake system on the portable. This is a dog and ratchet system. The dog is held in place by a wire spring. Often this wire gets bent and is non-functional.

The last image here is of the double brake system on my 56". Notice that the upper beam has a friction brake and the lower beam has a dog ratchet system. Both brakes are linked to the same release treadle.

Hope this helps those who are curious and need help. Stay in touch, happy weaving!



  1. I put each different activity into a small envelope that I laminate with the title page on the front. I then store all my seasonal lessons in one rubbermaid storage box . I’m planning on labeling each box for each season. Next year it will be grab and go!