Monday, September 14, 2009

Down below and wise words

I have had a request to see what the treadle system looks like on a portable. Here is a photo of my older 20" CP. Notice that I use the newer super hooks that go over the older style lamms. Works fine!

Also notice recently vacuumed studio floor. I had clients come for a studio visit today...made me really clean up this place!!

And here is a lovely email from a weaver. I asked him if I could quote it. Every so often I get someone asking me why is a Macomber Loom better and an XXXX Loom. This weaver says it so sweetly:

"After a year and a half of instruction and lots of hours on various looms, all of which were thoroughly enjoyable, I've decided on a 'Mac' for my loom. Ease of tie-up, the consistently clean sheds that the tie-up system produces and the loom's rugged construction all appeal to me."

"I also really love the rear-hinged treadles on the Mac's since they don't fatigue me nearly as much as do the front-hinged ones. The collapsible cloth bar and removable beater also appeal to me since they facilitate dressing from the rear which is my preferred mode of dressing a loom. " Keith in Fredericton, N.B., Canada

Do you have a testimonial to share??

Or do you need a photo of some obscure or confusing loom part?

I welcome all requests!

Happy weaving, Sarah

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  1. Sarah, a few years ago I purchased a small macomber foldable loom that looks just like yours from the estate of Libby Crawford ( well known michigan weaver). This morning (January 3rd, 2010) i finally unfolded it and took a good look at it (dusted it, vaccumed it, and then pondered...then went looking on the internet and found your blog...THANK YOU!) I think I need a few parts: the right most treadle is broken off, and I don't have any of the hooks that attach the treadles to the heddles. I might need other stuff. Can you put me in touch with someone who can find me those parts? Thanks so much, REbecca in East Grand Rapids, Michigan