Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CP brakes, something old with the new, and a pronounciation lesson

Thanks to everyone for their questions, curiosity and support for my efforts with all things Macomber.

First off, today I want to explain how to pronounce the name of our looms...it is MAY-cum-ber.  Rhymes with cucumber. I don't mind how anyone pronounces it, but since someone asked me yesterday, I thought I'd share this tidbit with you.

Now for the technical news. A weaver has asked for an image of the back warp brake system for the CP. Here is the way a ratchet brake system is set up, with the release on the castle.
The brake release on the castle.

As you can see the spring is attached to the upright with one screw. The "dog" is attached with one screw also. The dog is the metal part that sits down in the clogs of the ratchet. The spring holds the dog down and engaged with the ratchet to create the brake system.

The chain goes from the dog to the wire brake release on the castle.When you pull the wire forward you pull the chain which pulls up the dog and releases the brake.

And lastly, I have a weaver in NY who has one of the oldest looms that I am selling parts for. I believe that it is a 1950s vintage. It is weaving beautifully thanks to tender loving care by this weaver. Here's a quote for her latest email:
"We took out all the side wires and straightened and cleaned them. When reinstalling the wires, we discovered that there ARE jack bumpers, though perhaps also of 1950s vintage and in need of replacement. Interestingly, they were installed on the vertical side of the wood jack stop block, not on the surface under the jacks — no wonder the jacks were not level! For now we installed them in the right place, and voila, even as can be!

Also redid all the chains so every hook faces the same direction and all the chains are equally long with no twists. It looks so
neat!!  And the harnesses line up just like little soldiers. There is a verrrry slight tilt to the back, as you said there would be, but only noticeable with a level, not with the eye.

Speaking of eyes, the heddle eyes are now about 1.5" below the front and back beams. We had to go back and add one link to each chain to accomplish that, but I thought it was well worth the extra time.  All the lamms are in their correct slots now; and I snugged up superhooks, too."

And just to illustrate that you can blend the old with the new, here is an image of the lamms on this older loom, with the new super tie-up hooks. This is what I recommend to all weavers who have the old style lamms and hooks, swtich to the newer super hooks and use them this way. You will be happier. And speaking of which, isn't that what we all long for...to be happier and to be weaving with a well functioning loom!

Happy weaving to all ~ Sarah

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