Monday, February 8, 2016

Twinkle toes

Foot rest on my 56" air dobby
The foot rest or foot rail or the B4 and B5 Macomber Looms has a very specific purpose. The treadles are hinged at the back of the loom - this is what gives the Macomber such good leverage and ease in lifting multiple harnesses for complex weaves. The foot rest allows you to leave your foot (when in the resting position) at the same height as your treadle. Then when you are ready to use that foot to engage with a treadle - you simply slide it towards the back of the loom and step down.

This photo is of my 56" which has the air dobby and thus the treadles are covered with a protective box. The other picture is of my 40" - a more typical foot rest set up.

There's an update on the treadle detecting device called TempoTreadle. Dawne has added many new features to the software and says she never will weave without it now! Check out her website and let her know if you are interested in giving one a trial.
40" with foot rest

Lastly - my newest community art project "Well Used, Well Loved" is fully launched. Eight hand-woven towels have traveled to households from London to Oregon. Kozo paper has traveled from Florida to Maine, to Texas and Washington, to North Carolina and New Hampshire. About 50 people are engaged in a compelling conversation about age and beauty. We have a close FB group for our discussions - but a public blog. Please check it out.

Happy weaving to all ~ Sarah

hand-woven towel getting well used and loved

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