Monday, August 24, 2009

Tensioner and thread guide

I have had several requests for more information and images of this piece of equipment. So I decided to take a spontaneous quick trip over to the shop. Eddie set up a tensioner and thread guide on a loom for a photo shoot. What a great guy!!

I also have scanned a copy of the set up directions for the tensioner/thread guide.

I hope this helps those of you that are sectional warpers!


At home in the studio

Greetings everyone! I am home now, for a long spell. Grounded in the studio, preparing for the fall semester at the NH Institute of Art (Manchester, NH) where I teach a course to all BFA candidates that helps prepare them for the "real" world.

I am pleased that so many of you email me with your questions about your Macomber equipment. Thanks to all for your orders for part and looms.

My big news is that my Global Community Art Project: "Woven Voices" has received The Sarah Farmer Peace Award from the Baha"i's of Seacoast NH. I hope to post images of this award ceremony soon!

Please keep in touch, and HAPPY weaving!

PS. The images is a detail from "Seed Root" series

Friday, August 14, 2009

Brief touch down

Greetings from Vacationland! This is the nick name for the glorious state of Maine. I must say that at long last we are indeed living in the land of vacationers. My little village of York swells with folks from all over the world who enjoy our beautiful coastline and beaches.

I have heard from many of you that you are getting great info from the blog and that you appreciate the support for "all things Macomber". Thanks to all for staying in touch.

I also really appreciate all the orders for parts and looms. Let me know how I can continue to help you.

I will be away from my phone and email from August 15 - 22. So hang on to those questions and orders until I get back, or rush them in before 9 AM 9/15.

These pictures are from my last few weeks of living large in the great state of Maine. I will be grounded back in the studio on August 24th. Look for more tips and photos about weaving after that!

Peace, Sarah

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