Monday, November 29, 2010

A time for gratitude

Fall  colors ~ Acadia National Park
It is four days post Thanksgiving. The table that was expanded to seat 11 has been contracted; the gorgeous center piece of decorative corn and gourds still remains. The serving dishes and fancy glassware have all been put away. There is still some leftover turkey, waiting for the soup pot. The yard work is really all done...the leaves that have been raked into the woods will hopefully stay there! And I find myself in a sweet time ....the lull right after one holiday and just prior to the rush of another. Perfect time to gather news and tidbits for the Macomber Blog!

Dirty dusty lamms and jacks on a CP loom
About a month ago I had a conversation with a weaver who was cleaning a used loom. Apparently several of the parts were gummed up and difficult to get clean. Here is a photo of the grimy and sticky lamms and jacks.

In a consultation with Eddie, we discerned that the most likely culprit was someone had sprayed WD-40 on the lamms and jacks. This is a BAD thing to do to a Macomber Loom!

DO NOT USE WD-40 ON YOUR LOOM. So to begin...this sticky stuff needs to be removed. Mineral spirits or acetone will remove the WD-40.

Lovingly restored CP loom
The cleaned parts will need a coating of Vaseline wherever the brass jacks meet the steel rods or wires. Where the aluminum lamms slide in the wood grooves will need a spray of silicon.

Here's the same loom after much TLC by her owner. Nice job Sue!

With so many of you purchasing used looms, I get dozens of questions about cleaning the looms. In past posts I have gone over cleaning in case you missed that check out "Spiffing up your Loom" and another post on how to Vaseline the jacks.

Keith with his new loom
I had this curious thought the other day...I wonder how many of us name our looms? Or even think of our loom having a gender?? Although I have never named any of my looms, I definitely consider them "gals". How about you? If you are inspired send me a photo of your loom with his/her name or gender and a brief sentence about what inspired this christening. I think this might be and interesting reflection on how attached we are to these machines. I will post the images and stories that I receive.

South Africa this winter!!
Looking ahead....I will be off for another GRAND adventure this winter. December 29th I will be flying to Cape Town, South Africa.

I will spend a couple of weeks being a tourist and then about January 17th, I will cast off and sail back to the Caribbean, arriving approximately February 28th. We are planning stops at St Helena and Ascension Island
Sperry Rock, St Helena

In the meantime, keep those questions and orders coming. I am grateful for all your kind words of support as well as you business.

Prayer Flags woven in memory of a friend
Happy weaving!

 ~ Sarah

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