Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bigger Questions

Words of wisdom from a 9 year old.
March is certainly roaring in like a lion today...snow swirling around, 40 MPH winds, grey skies and a penetrating dampness has seeped into my bones. Let's hope that March stays true to character, mellows out and leaves like a lamb!

Three Mandalas woven at Harvard MA Elementary
Last month I was artist in residence in two New England schools. In one of them I worked with 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders to create three amazing Community Mandalas. In addition to the weaving, they made clothes pin people that represent different aspects of MA history (Shakers, early settlers, immigrants, explorers). These will be added at a later time to the completed Mandalas.They also wrote inspirational words on ribbons that will hang down from the Mandala like fringe. The three completed Mandalas will be presented to the Harvard, MA community on March 22nd at the school's "Festival of Cultures."

I offer these images and thoughts to you my fellow weavers because whenever I work with students, young or old, I learn more about myself and my relationship to the larger world. Weaving has always been my medicine, the practice that heals, affirms, balances and grounds my spirit, my heart and my body. The more I work with others, I understand that I am not unusual. Weaving is healing.

Here is a beautiful Navajo inspired poem that supports my feelings:

The loom, my child
is life itself.
The weaving-way holds beauty.

The loom, my child
is breath itself.
The weaving-way holds power.

Through weaving one can come to know
the meaning of life and breath.

Through weaving one can come to be
 strong and self sufficient.

Return to your loom.
Resume your work.
Spin your web of wool.
And as you weave
and as you work,
Life's truths will come to you.

 Navajo poem from Halo of the Sun, by Noel Bennett

Crated and ready to go.
I close with an image from the Macomber shop of a loom all crated up and ready to be shipped to its new home. To me this photo is full of potential and anticipation.

May each day hold for you a crate full of potential, the possibility of discovery and joy.

"Return to your loom.  Resume your work.
And as you weave may Life's truths come to you."

 Please note that I will be away from March 8 - 15th on a silent meditation retreat .  I will respond to email and phone messages upon my return. 

Namaste and happy, healing weaving ~ Sarah 

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