Monday, February 24, 2014

New Power and Computer Controls

Power supply for Air-dobby
Hooray! Flatwater Electronics (John Acord) has developed a power supply that will drive  Macomber Looms! I mentioned this in a previous post, but this post will highlight John's accomplishments.

Many weavers have outdated power supplies from the early days of Macomber compu-dobby looms or an even earlier version of the Designer's Delight, their first compu-dobby.

John's control units will replace the power supply on either the air system or the Electronic Single Pedal (ESP).

The new control box utilizes modern efficient components and power supply, significantly reducing the size.  The box is not much bigger than a CD case.

Incorporated into the control are protection circuits to prevent damage to your loom in the case of a solenoid failure or problems with wiring and connections.  In addition,  indicator lamps on the front help the weaver confirm operations of both the loom and the computer.
Power supply for Designer's Delight/ESP

Prices are:
16H Air Dobby = $725
32 H Air Dobby = $850
16H ESP = $925
32 H ESP = $1075

Please contact me if you have questions about these new power supplies!

Happy weaving!

Friday, February 21, 2014


At the weaving workshop run by the Saccidanada Ashram.
Young priest at village temple.

I am back home after an amazing 5 week journey to Southern India. Most of my visit was based at the Saccidanada Ashram in Tamil Nadu. It was here that I lived a simple life style with about 28 other travelers (pilgrims) mediating, chanting and reflecting. Every few days we would journey of from the ashram to visit a local temple for a traditional Hindu puja.
Simple looms at the village workshop.
The ashram supports a small weaving workshop in the local village (Tannirpali). These weavers create stunning fabric for shawls, scarfs and saris.

Peacock roosting on the ashram cow barn.
India is a riot of color, from the meals we eat, to the laundry hanging EVERYWHERE (literally, even in the traffic islands of the village) to the peacocks that freely roam and roost.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to visit this warm, gracious part of India. The changes in my heart and spirit will be evident for many months ahead. And I am grateful to be back home, setting up the big loom (almost threaded!!) and soon back to teaching in schools.

Note that I have included an image of the plastic bobbins that Macomber sells now - in 2 sizes (both for $2/each) 4" and 6".

All is well.
Namaste, Sarah
Color everywhere!
Kumar takes care of the cows at the ashram.
Heart-melting smiles.

Simple looms - notice the kolam on the floor under warp.

Winding a bobbin.

Weaver's pride.
Color everywhere!
Temple in Thanjuvar

4" and 6" bobbins

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