Friday, February 21, 2014


At the weaving workshop run by the Saccidanada Ashram.
Young priest at village temple.

I am back home after an amazing 5 week journey to Southern India. Most of my visit was based at the Saccidanada Ashram in Tamil Nadu. It was here that I lived a simple life style with about 28 other travelers (pilgrims) mediating, chanting and reflecting. Every few days we would journey of from the ashram to visit a local temple for a traditional Hindu puja.
Simple looms at the village workshop.
The ashram supports a small weaving workshop in the local village (Tannirpali). These weavers create stunning fabric for shawls, scarfs and saris.

Peacock roosting on the ashram cow barn.
India is a riot of color, from the meals we eat, to the laundry hanging EVERYWHERE (literally, even in the traffic islands of the village) to the peacocks that freely roam and roost.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to visit this warm, gracious part of India. The changes in my heart and spirit will be evident for many months ahead. And I am grateful to be back home, setting up the big loom (almost threaded!!) and soon back to teaching in schools.

Note that I have included an image of the plastic bobbins that Macomber sells now - in 2 sizes (both for $2/each) 4" and 6".

All is well.
Namaste, Sarah
Color everywhere!
Kumar takes care of the cows at the ashram.
Heart-melting smiles.

Simple looms - notice the kolam on the floor under warp.

Winding a bobbin.

Weaver's pride.
Color everywhere!
Temple in Thanjuvar

4" and 6" bobbins

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