Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Price List

Summer Buddha
After three years - Macomber Looms has finally raised their prices. This is about a 10 -12% hike in prices across the board - for looms as well as parts. It's been way over due as much of the manufacturing costs have risen for building the looms and parts. So here you have it the new prices lists.

As always - I TRULY appreciate your ordering parts and looms through me. I am a self employed weaver and your orders help me stay alfoat.
In gratitude ~ Sarah

I realize that these images are too small to easily see - click on the price list and it will enlarge. I am also happy to email yo the list. Just let me know!

24" 8 Harness CPJ Macomber for sale

  24" 8 Harness Macomber CPJ Portable Loom for sale. Double back beams with friction brake and warp separator. 4 reeds, storage box, 2 ...