Friday, June 1, 2018

New chapter for old loom

Eddie helps downsize my 56"
     After much thought and consideration,  I had Eddie come to my studio to help me "downsize"my 56" 16 H Macomber. As some of you saw I tried to sell this amazing loom a couple of years ago. She did not sell.
      I thought ... "Why not convert her into the loom that will work for me now?" I no longer use multi-harnesses for complex weaves. I no longer need all 16H. I no longer need a compressed air or computer based system.
     So Eddie helped me strip her down to what will serve my needs. She is now an 8 H loom with no computer aided system. She still has the two beams and double brakes and still weaves 56". I am happy -- and I can feel this loom sighing.
My beloved 56" feel lighter, less encumbered now.
     She is covered with scars from all the different holes that have been drilled into her over the years. From the first Electronic Singe Pedal with a compressed air tank mounted on the side of her castle, to the Designer's Delight CAD system mounted on her upper castle and to the CAD/CAM Dobby Air System  -- she has carried me well through the 70s, 80s, 90s, and now 2000s.  Forty two years of weaving faithfully, consistently and diligently. And now she gets a new life - a little gentler, a little less complicated and a little weathered from all the years of hard work. 
 I suspect this loom and I have many parallels.

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