Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year and happy trails!

Back of loom - setting up warps on raddle.
2014...amazing isn't it? The years just keep slip sliding away. I have been weaving for 45 years....geez that's one heck of a long ride! This post will include some photos of the process I use to set up my 56" B4 Macomber.I know everyone has their special methods for dressing the loom.

Most folks stick to one method and will not deviate. Others are looking for some new tricks. These photos will help illuminate how I dress the loom, but they probably won't fill in all the details. So if you are curious for more...let me know!

Tying the two rods together with shoelaces.

Warp set in raddle. Rods tied together.
Warp is ready to roll onto warp beam.
Warping on in process.
Securing the warps at the front of the loom

Beaming on with sticks (not paper).

Another view of warps under tension while beaming.

I hope that this process intrigues you! Send me photos of your warping process!

Next bit of news, I'll be traveling to India for a month from January 11th - February 11th. I will have intermittent email access. If you want to place an order please call the shop directly (207-363-2808). Please ask Eddie to give me credit for your order...I rely on your business to keep my studio afloat! Many many thanks!
Colorful laundry drying in India.

Indian woman weaving.

Indian man weaving rope rug.

Let's grow old together!

I will close with some images from my previous trip to Tamil Nadu in 2007.
Happy New Year!
Namaste ~ Sarah

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