Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Updated Manual!

"Tree of Life"- detail
With the help of the wonderful Sue Jensen, weaver, writer, editor and friend from South Dakota, the 2015 updated version of the Manual is now available.

If you have purchased a previous edition of the manual I will email you the 2015 PDF for free. Simply email me - I have saved all your emails - so I can verify your purchase.

Thanks to all for supporting my blog, for ordering parts through me and your kinds words of encouragement.
Happy weaving ~ Sarah

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rhythm and blues

"Unhinged #2"
March is here - and today there is the sweet sound of water trickling down the gutters and a few icicles slipping off the roof, as winter slowly lessens her grip on our corner of this planet.

This posting is just a few images of new work, a work in progress and how salt water looks when it freezes. Enjoy!
New piece in process

Winter beauty at the harbor

24" 8 Harness CPJ Macomber for sale

  24" 8 Harness Macomber CPJ Portable Loom for sale. Double back beams with friction brake and warp separator. 4 reeds, storage box, 2 ...