Thursday, December 4, 2014

New this, new that! New price list pending!

My "new" loom!
 New Loom! New Loom! New - used Loom!! has been over 30 years since I have bought a loom- and this one is sweet. She's a 40" 4H with a plain beam. I will be adding new harnesses and another plain beam. I am pretty psyched to have this loom - a perfect compliment to my big mother 56" 16H dobby.

Stop bar pads are essential to maintaining a healthy loom.
Beater pads and stop bar pads - I have also been doing all the things that I suggest to all of you who purchase a new/used loom. One of the number one things that these old girls need is new bumpers for the beater and new stop bar pads (the bumpers that go under the brass jacks).
I need new beater bumpers!
Even though they seem small and inconsequential, both sets of pads are critical to the good health of your loom frame. When the brass jacks are lifted and dropped down on the frame - the stop bar pads absorb the impact - which can be considerable depending on the loom width and number of harnesses. So check out the condition of your stop bar pads and beater bumpers. Call me to order a new set if they seem dry and crumbling.

New beater pads are a whopping $3! Stop bar pads a priced by the size of the loom castle, for example for a B5 10H frame the cost is $10/pair.

I've been on a major clean out this fall - sold three small looms, pounds of yarns, donated an antique spinning wheel to the local historical museum and  recycled reams of old files. Hooray for new space to dream, dance, create and weave!

Speaking of new - Macomber Looms is contemplating a new price list! So if you have been putting off ordering major parts or a loom - give me a call or email me and let's beat the price hike!
 When I am unable to be in my studio - it does not mean that my creativity is at a standstill. I am always busy either knitting, stitching or drawing. I'm continuing to work on Now: Letters by Hand - an embroidery project.  Each embroidered letter in this project reflects what is going on in the present moment - the Now. Letter S focuses on the energy of change as well as includes a body image which is ever present in my current studio work.

Now: Letters by Hand ~ Letter S

New art work in process.
Please check out my website for more newsy tidbits and more images of art work.!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Up and running!!

"Unhinged #1" at UNRAVELED opening 9/20/14
Hooray for new technology! Last month right after I completed "Unhinged #1" my old Dell laptop died. With the death of this laptop, my old faithful software Patterland went also. I bought this program in 1998. At first I thought I could convert it to Windows 7 on my net-book - but alas after a week of hand wringing, swearing and crying I finally threw in the towel and bought new software to run my air dobby loom.

This morning I ran the first real test- air compressor turned on, program loaded with my weaving patter, lights, camera...action! YES! So the new software is a breeze - Fiberworks The folks at Fiberworks were very easy to reach, helpful and the software is intuitive and easy to learn. I just want to weave...seriously not have to spend hours at the keyboard! HUGE thanks to John Acord of Flatwater Electronics for his diagnostic help and advise.

And finally to my husband Ben, who listened to my woes, hugged me as I lamented my technology troubles and then built this amazing stand to hold my little net-book and the power supply. Now I am ready for winter - ready to sink my heart and hands into continuing this body of new work.
Computer stand that fits neatly on my weaving bench.

"Art is the Cloth" opening NH Institute of Art, Manchester, NH
This fall my work is included in two shows- as noted in a previous post. Both fabulous opportunities.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Convergence was wonderful!

Setting up the CP demo loom
     I cannot even remember the last Convergence that I was able to it is not my memory but just TOO many years. I was there for only two days and it was two days of  reconnecting with old friends and meeting people that I have emailed or spoken with over the years.
Eddie in the Macomber booth at Convergence.
    It was energizing and inspiring to see everyone and to see a small portion of the vendors and exhibits. Truthfully for me it was all about the people. Thanks to many of you for stopping by the Macomber booth to say hello!
     Needless to say there were weaving and textile enthusiasts everywhere...Look what I found in the ladies room!
African baskets being readied for the booth after traveling squashed in a car.

     Now I am back home for a few days, weaving on my big loom and continuing work on my embroidery series called "Now: Letters by hand".

On the big loom - work in progress.
Summer is so brief here in Maine and I am a summer catch
Letter N from series "Now-Letters by hand"
me when you can!

Please check out my new website when you can!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Convergence in Providence!

Hooray! it is mid-July and the folks at Convergence have begun to gather in Providence! What a fun week it will be. I look forward to meeting so many of you.

I'll be at the Macomber booth from Wednesday until Thursday evening. Please be sure to stop by and say hello!

Please visit my BRAND NEW website - I welcome your feedback!

Meanwhile happy summer to all you weavers out there!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Old gears for new weavers

R 10 Macomber 1950
Recently I have had a request for images for loom parts that are no longer being made for Macomber Looms. So this one is for you Deanna!

This is a R 10 - a limited production loom from 1950. It has a fly shuttle and the auto-advancing cloth beam.
R 10 auto-advance gears

R-10 Macomber from the back.
Unfortunately I do not know much more about this loom. I do know that the auto-advance and the fly shuttle are no longer being made by Macomber.
If anyone has one of these looms...I know others would love to hear about it and see photos!

Monday, February 24, 2014

New Power and Computer Controls

Power supply for Air-dobby
Hooray! Flatwater Electronics (John Acord) has developed a power supply that will drive  Macomber Looms! I mentioned this in a previous post, but this post will highlight John's accomplishments.

Many weavers have outdated power supplies from the early days of Macomber compu-dobby looms or an even earlier version of the Designer's Delight, their first compu-dobby.

John's control units will replace the power supply on either the air system or the Electronic Single Pedal (ESP).

The new control box utilizes modern efficient components and power supply, significantly reducing the size.  The box is not much bigger than a CD case.

Incorporated into the control are protection circuits to prevent damage to your loom in the case of a solenoid failure or problems with wiring and connections.  In addition,  indicator lamps on the front help the weaver confirm operations of both the loom and the computer.
Power supply for Designer's Delight/ESP

Prices are:
16H Air Dobby = $725
32 H Air Dobby = $850
16H ESP = $925
32 H ESP = $1075

Please contact me if you have questions about these new power supplies!

Happy weaving!

Friday, February 21, 2014


At the weaving workshop run by the Saccidanada Ashram.
Young priest at village temple.

I am back home after an amazing 5 week journey to Southern India. Most of my visit was based at the Saccidanada Ashram in Tamil Nadu. It was here that I lived a simple life style with about 28 other travelers (pilgrims) mediating, chanting and reflecting. Every few days we would journey of from the ashram to visit a local temple for a traditional Hindu puja.
Simple looms at the village workshop.
The ashram supports a small weaving workshop in the local village (Tannirpali). These weavers create stunning fabric for shawls, scarfs and saris.

Peacock roosting on the ashram cow barn.
India is a riot of color, from the meals we eat, to the laundry hanging EVERYWHERE (literally, even in the traffic islands of the village) to the peacocks that freely roam and roost.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to visit this warm, gracious part of India. The changes in my heart and spirit will be evident for many months ahead. And I am grateful to be back home, setting up the big loom (almost threaded!!) and soon back to teaching in schools.

Note that I have included an image of the plastic bobbins that Macomber sells now - in 2 sizes (both for $2/each) 4" and 6".

All is well.
Namaste, Sarah
Color everywhere!
Kumar takes care of the cows at the ashram.
Heart-melting smiles.

Simple looms - notice the kolam on the floor under warp.

Winding a bobbin.

Weaver's pride.
Color everywhere!
Temple in Thanjuvar

4" and 6" bobbins

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year and happy trails!

Back of loom - setting up warps on raddle.
2014...amazing isn't it? The years just keep slip sliding away. I have been weaving for 45 years....geez that's one heck of a long ride! This post will include some photos of the process I use to set up my 56" B4 Macomber.I know everyone has their special methods for dressing the loom.

Most folks stick to one method and will not deviate. Others are looking for some new tricks. These photos will help illuminate how I dress the loom, but they probably won't fill in all the details. So if you are curious for more...let me know!

Tying the two rods together with shoelaces.

Warp set in raddle. Rods tied together.
Warp is ready to roll onto warp beam.
Warping on in process.
Securing the warps at the front of the loom

Beaming on with sticks (not paper).

Another view of warps under tension while beaming.

I hope that this process intrigues you! Send me photos of your warping process!

Next bit of news, I'll be traveling to India for a month from January 11th - February 11th. I will have intermittent email access. If you want to place an order please call the shop directly (207-363-2808). Please ask Eddie to give me credit for your order...I rely on your business to keep my studio afloat! Many many thanks!
Colorful laundry drying in India.

Indian woman weaving.

Indian man weaving rope rug.

Let's grow old together!

I will close with some images from my previous trip to Tamil Nadu in 2007.
Happy New Year!
Namaste ~ Sarah

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