Thursday, July 24, 2014

Convergence was wonderful!

Setting up the CP demo loom
     I cannot even remember the last Convergence that I was able to it is not my memory but just TOO many years. I was there for only two days and it was two days of  reconnecting with old friends and meeting people that I have emailed or spoken with over the years.
Eddie in the Macomber booth at Convergence.
    It was energizing and inspiring to see everyone and to see a small portion of the vendors and exhibits. Truthfully for me it was all about the people. Thanks to many of you for stopping by the Macomber booth to say hello!
     Needless to say there were weaving and textile enthusiasts everywhere...Look what I found in the ladies room!
African baskets being readied for the booth after traveling squashed in a car.

     Now I am back home for a few days, weaving on my big loom and continuing work on my embroidery series called "Now: Letters by hand".

On the big loom - work in progress.
Summer is so brief here in Maine and I am a summer catch
Letter N from series "Now-Letters by hand"
me when you can!

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Convergence in Providence!

Hooray! it is mid-July and the folks at Convergence have begun to gather in Providence! What a fun week it will be. I look forward to meeting so many of you.

I'll be at the Macomber booth from Wednesday until Thursday evening. Please be sure to stop by and say hello!

Please visit my BRAND NEW website - I welcome your feedback!

Meanwhile happy summer to all you weavers out there!

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