Monday, October 20, 2014

Up and running!!

"Unhinged #1" at UNRAVELED opening 9/20/14
Hooray for new technology! Last month right after I completed "Unhinged #1" my old Dell laptop died. With the death of this laptop, my old faithful software Patterland went also. I bought this program in 1998. At first I thought I could convert it to Windows 7 on my net-book - but alas after a week of hand wringing, swearing and crying I finally threw in the towel and bought new software to run my air dobby loom.

This morning I ran the first real test- air compressor turned on, program loaded with my weaving patter, lights, camera...action! YES! So the new software is a breeze - Fiberworks The folks at Fiberworks were very easy to reach, helpful and the software is intuitive and easy to learn. I just want to weave...seriously not have to spend hours at the keyboard! HUGE thanks to John Acord of Flatwater Electronics for his diagnostic help and advise.

And finally to my husband Ben, who listened to my woes, hugged me as I lamented my technology troubles and then built this amazing stand to hold my little net-book and the power supply. Now I am ready for winter - ready to sink my heart and hands into continuing this body of new work.
Computer stand that fits neatly on my weaving bench.

"Art is the Cloth" opening NH Institute of Art, Manchester, NH
This fall my work is included in two shows- as noted in a previous post. Both fabulous opportunities.

24" 8 Harness CPJ Macomber for sale

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