Thursday, December 4, 2014

New this, new that! New price list pending!

My "new" loom!
 New Loom! New Loom! New - used Loom!! has been over 30 years since I have bought a loom- and this one is sweet. She's a 40" 4H with a plain beam. I will be adding new harnesses and another plain beam. I am pretty psyched to have this loom - a perfect compliment to my big mother 56" 16H dobby.

Stop bar pads are essential to maintaining a healthy loom.
Beater pads and stop bar pads - I have also been doing all the things that I suggest to all of you who purchase a new/used loom. One of the number one things that these old girls need is new bumpers for the beater and new stop bar pads (the bumpers that go under the brass jacks).
I need new beater bumpers!
Even though they seem small and inconsequential, both sets of pads are critical to the good health of your loom frame. When the brass jacks are lifted and dropped down on the frame - the stop bar pads absorb the impact - which can be considerable depending on the loom width and number of harnesses. So check out the condition of your stop bar pads and beater bumpers. Call me to order a new set if they seem dry and crumbling.

New beater pads are a whopping $3! Stop bar pads a priced by the size of the loom castle, for example for a B5 10H frame the cost is $10/pair.

I've been on a major clean out this fall - sold three small looms, pounds of yarns, donated an antique spinning wheel to the local historical museum and  recycled reams of old files. Hooray for new space to dream, dance, create and weave!

Speaking of new - Macomber Looms is contemplating a new price list! So if you have been putting off ordering major parts or a loom - give me a call or email me and let's beat the price hike!
 When I am unable to be in my studio - it does not mean that my creativity is at a standstill. I am always busy either knitting, stitching or drawing. I'm continuing to work on Now: Letters by Hand - an embroidery project.  Each embroidered letter in this project reflects what is going on in the present moment - the Now. Letter S focuses on the energy of change as well as includes a body image which is ever present in my current studio work.

Now: Letters by Hand ~ Letter S

New art work in process.
Please check out my website for more newsy tidbits and more images of art work.!

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