Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Step on it!!

CP brake for friction brake on second beam
This one's for you Carol Ann! I hope it illuminates your installation. And it is also for the rest of you who have ever wonder how to install the CP foot pedal for the second beam, friction brake.

Letter X
Happy Spring everyone! Even though I still have a ridge of snow where the former mountain of snow was, it has been warmish every day. I am recently back from a lovely trip to warmer climates, so I have nothing to complain about! Letter X from my embroidery series "Now: Letters by Hand" was stitched there - inspired by warm winds, now a distant memory as framed by time.

Happy weaving everyone! Sarah

24" 8 Harness CPJ Macomber for sale

  24" 8 Harness Macomber CPJ Portable Loom for sale. Double back beams with friction brake and warp separator. 4 reeds, storage box, 2 ...