Sunday, December 26, 2010

All things old and new

One people, many Woven Voices
The close of each year is a time for reflection. On the dusk of 2010, I find myself feeling BIG gratitude for the weaving community. In two days I will be leaving for Cape Town South Africa. While there I will be sharing the 130 community woven prayer flags. Read more about this project on the blog "Woven Voices".

My heart is overflowing with gratitude for all you wonderful weavers out there who have sent such kind words for my efforts with this Macomber Looms blog.

1937 Midget portable loom
So this month, here's a little treat for you..some Macomber memorabilia for you!

1954 24" 8H CP loom
This is an early photo of the CP loom. 1937! As you can see today's CP is not a whole lot different!

The Macomber-Hart family kindly shared the company photo album with me. So I have a whole pictorial history of the development of these looms.

Harriet Tidball 1953 threading her Macomber
Not only does the photo album contain images of early looms and the loom builders, but of the famous and not-so famous weavers who used them.

Look at this photo of Harriet Tidball, well known weaver and author of several books and monographs.

1937 56" B4 Loom with Rotary Fly Shuttle

Along with the photos there are several newspaper clippings. Here's my favorite ~

So sit down, weave yourself a suit...find some peace of mind, some joy and personal satisfaction. The world will be a  better place.

I will be away from my phone and my computer until late February. If there are any Macomber parts or loom orders that cannot wait, please call my house and my husband will help you connect with the shop to place your orders. 

The house number is 207-351-1985.  Thanks to all of you for your orders!

There may be smidgens of time that I have Internet capability, but I am not counting on it. So here's wishing each of you a prosperous and peace-filled New Year!

Peace ~ Sarah


  1. Happy New Year Sarah! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. :)

  2. Peace to you Sarah and enjoy every minute of your trip. My thanks also for sharing the Macomber loom pictures.

  3. Happy New Year!
    Thanks for all your tips on keeping our looms in shape and have a wonderful safe journey.

  4. Thanks for the history Sarah. My father, born 1912, became a weaver and would absolutely concur with Mr. Nelson. One of the first things he wove, at age 60, was a traditional coverlet for my parent's bed! He was an engineer by day and an artist in his own time.
    Have a great trip and thanks for this very valuable blog.

  5. Thanks for sharing this bit of history. I'd love to see more.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  6. So glad to find your blog. Have a great trip.

  7. Hi, I left a message for your husband...I need 20 of regular pedal hooks for a type b (I received some of the super hooks with my loom but I can't make them I need 20 of the regular ones, and I would like to order a AD-30 bench.) my Loom has the following on it: B5 Loom, Serial Number C491. When your husband calls back I can give him my credit card or pop a check in the mail. Rebecca @


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