Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Replacable parts

I am sure that you know that every part on a Macomber Loom is replaceable. In our plastic throw-away culture, this is truly a unique phenomena. When people ask me about getting parts for old looms, I reply, YES! I even had a request this week about parts for a loom built in 1939!  
Loom built in 1939

My Macomber Looms Manual has received good reviews. Many thanks again to Sue Jensen for her part in organizing the materials. You can order this PDF download here...just look for the buy now button to your right. I'll send you the download within 24 hours. Thanks to everyone who has purchased the manual so far! I truly appreciate your support.

And here in my studio, I continue to wrap up "Woven Voices"  and to focus on my thesis for the Masters of Art and Healing. My website has a mini-blog that has more studio news. Check it out!

Thanks to each of you for your kind words of support and compassion. I feel so incredibly fortunate to be amongst this tribe of supportive weavers. I welcome your questions and orders.

Happy weaving! Sarah


  1. Hi Sarah, I love my Macomber loom, B5 1223 the metal plate reads Saugus, Mass and not York, Maine, what is the history behind the two locations?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Erin:

      Great question! I will post a new new blog with a bit of a history lesson.


  2. I have a B5 that I need a cloth beam lever for and 6 super hooks for. Can you help? Serial number 1140. Also can you tell me when this loom was made and to whom it was sold?

    1. Contact the Macomber shop office for this information. 207-363-2808. Happy weaving!


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