Monday, June 24, 2019

56" Loom for sale

Macomber 56” Loom for sale $3,000
The loom is a real work horse!
  • Model B4E Serial # 2498 built 1976
  • 56" weaving width  8 Harnesses
  • Two plain beams, warp separator 
  • Double brakes (right/left, front/back) (2 friction brakes, 2 ratchet brakes)
  • Beater handle
  • 4 - 56" Stainless Steel Reeds =  5, 12, 15, and 18 EPI 
  • Total value = $13,000.00
  • Priced at $3000 in York, Maine

This loom has been lovingly used for over 40 years by one weaver. It has been maintained and serviced regularly. 

The beater handle is great for an even beat.

Double beams and custom double brake system.


  1. Sarah, what is the frame capacity of this loom?

  2. Hi Sarah, I just came across this post as I was looking for information on a Macomber Dobby Loom that was just gifted to me. I'm told it's value was somewhere in the $10.000. 00 range. No bench or extras. It's a 20 harness once in the program at Skidmore College in NY. I'm guessing that the specialized nature of the looms makes them less appealing to hobby weavers. My speciality is 18th and 19th century looms which I use to create same period 21st century cloth. Getting my Mac Dobby was a stretch for me, but I thought it would be extremely useful in expanding to more complex pattern design for period cloth, so I took it on. It was given to the weaver who gave it to me. She never used it. I don't think the weaver who gave it to her ever used it either. I'm looking forward to learning the ins and outs of it's capabilities. Your loom is a beauty. I hope it finds a loving home. Kathryn - Old School Wool and Weaving Center, Truxton, N.Y.


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