Monday, May 11, 2020

I can hardly believe it!

My new 48" loom!
This year marks my 50th year as a weaver.
And one of the gifts I gave myself is a new loom! Yes! I ordered a new loom from Macomber in the fall of 2018 - and it was ready this winter. But because I was away in Indonesia until late March - it was not delivered until last month, April.

Here is my new loom just after it arrived - harnesses still not installed. This loom is 48" with two beams, and 8 harnesses.

My old 56" loom - that was with me from the time I graduated from RISD until now - has a new home in a weaving studio in Boston.
The 56" moves onward to a new life in Boston!

The 56" in her new home!
 So life goes on! The "Shelter at Home" requirements from the Pandemic, have given me long stretches of time to dig into new works, to complete ones that I started in Bali and warp the new loom.

I never get tired of weaving.
I still find joy and inspiration in making art with textiles. 
One of he highlights from last year was a one person show at The Common Thread Gallery This was a huge honor and I have a sweet little catalogue (7" square hardbound) that I am selling for $20 incl. shipping within the US.  Please click in the BUY NOW button to purchase one.

With much gratitude for your support - Sarah
Catalogue from a recent exhibit - purchase it on the blog!

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