Monday, November 21, 2016

Letting Go - 16 H 56" air dobby Loom for sale

    To be fully alive in one's body, to be an active participant in this physical world requires one to let go and say good bye to objects, people and situations. 
    After much reflection I have decided to let go of my beloved 56" 16Harness air dobby Macomber Loom. I've had her since graduation from RISD (1976).

  • ~ Model B4E Serial # 2498 Built 1976
  • ~ 56 Weaving width, 16 Harnesses
  • ~ Two plain beams, warp separator
  • ~ Double brakes on cloth beam and upper warp beam (friction brake)
  • ~ Beater handle
  • ~ 4 - 56" reeds = 5, 12, 15, 18 EPI
  • Fully operational air dobby system = power supply, air system/solenoids, FiberWorks weaving software for Windows, Asus netbook included.
  • ~ 2 drafting lights
~ Leclerc 38" bench
~ Total Value = $13,817.00
~ Priced at $7, 500 in York, Maine
Double friction brake on upper beam

Air dobby system, double brakes on cloth beam

This loom has been lovingly used for over 40 years by one weaver. It has been maintained and serviced regularly. The air dobby system is highly desirable for this width loom - as the harnesses are constructed of solid steel and very heavy.

Please contact me for more information and any interest. THANK YOU!
sarah (at)sarahhaskell(dot)com

I am ever grateful for everyone's support of this blog and your purchase of my manual. And in case you are wondering --- I AM NOT QUITTING WEAVING!

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